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An OFATV permit will give you access to over 5000 kms of trails in Ontario to share with 6000 member

 As a member of the OFATV you are helping shape the future of ATVing in Ontario and through your membership dollars are contributing to the creation and maintenance of trails across the province.  You’re also contributing to increased access for ATVs and helping to protect your right to continue enjoying ATVing in Ontario in the future.  

We are fortunate to have local vendors ,sell our permits, in all corners of Essex county.

You cam also buy online at 

Our local vendors

SPH Stoney point Hardware 

Drexler Diving systems in Colchester

Delta Equipment in Tilbury  (see Dakota)

Cash sales only

Email us to meet up in person to buy a day pass, 3 day pass and an annual pass.

Requirements to purchase a permit.

To purchase a permit, we require a Few  things.

proof of insurance

proof of licence plate


 Being a member of the OFATV means that you’re contributing to the future of ATVing in Ontario.  Every member has a vote at the club level, and the clubs ultimately determine the direction of the OFATV. In addition, the money you spend on your membership goes directly into the trails.  Membership dollars maintain the trails you ride, and continue to increase riding opportunities every year.  With each year the OFATV is growing the number of clubs, and increasing the kilometers of trails that are available to riders across the province. The more members we have, the faster we can grow.