Howard Trails CLOSED / Walker CLOSED

About Us


The Essex County ATV Club

The Essex County ATV Club (EC-ATVC) was incorporated in 2016 to represent the interest of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) enthusiasts in our area. EC-ATVC is a member in good standing with the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicles (OFATV) ECATV currently has approximately 100 members and is growing.

OFATV is a not-for-profit volunteer driven organization that continually advocates to strengthen the public’s perception to better understand how our clubs strive to provide safe, legal, and environmentally friendly trails for ATV riding in the province of Ontario. 

Active in the community.

EC-ATV prides ourselves as being an active member of the community by maintaining a presence at local events to promote economic growth in our area.

ECATV is committed to advancing the interests of all ATV riders in the community through fundraising, donations, and public outreach that promotes positive and responsible use of ATV’s. 



 The club owns all the necessary equipment required to maintain the lands we have access to.  We also have committees to ensure the proper maintenance of all trails.

Landowners can rest assured that their property will be kept in a manner that exceeds their expectations. From time-to-time, the club may restrict the use of the trails and/or land to protect and preserve any unnecessary damage that may be caused from ATV’s due to spring thaw, or excessive rainfall. 

The properties we have access to are vital resources to our club and we intend to ensure they are kept to standards that protect the environment and our landowners interests. 

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